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morning. people will cast ballots in 49 other states and washington, d.c. residents of two villages in the state of new hampshire got a jump on things. they cast ballots at midnight. people who live in dixville notch and hart's location have been the first to vote on election day since 1948. voters at the dixville notch put their ballots in the box at 12:00 a.m. officials counted them right away. >> for president, this has never happened before in dixville. we have a tie, five votes each. >> obama and romney didn't tie in hart's location. the president won 23-9. >>> election day is a little different this time around for people in the state of new york. the storm that hit the u.s. northeast put some polling stations out of commission. the governor is relaxing the rules so voters won't be shut out. andrew cuomo issued an executive order allowing residents in areas affected by the storm to vote at any station. officials in neighboring new jersey are also making it easier for people to cast ballots. more than 60 polling stations in new york city are still unusable because of flooding o
obama won in 25 states and washington, d.c. that includes the swing states of virginia, wisconsin and colorado. his victory in the battleground of ohio pushed him past 270, the number of electoral votes needed to win. the latest projections say he secured 303 electoral votes. mitt romney took 206. florida is the only state yet to report. officials there are still counting ballots. reuters says the popular vote was 50% to 49% in obama's favor. obama gave his victory speech in the early hours of wednesday in chicago, illinois. he laid out a vision for his second term. >> the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an american family and we rise our fall together as one nation and as one people. and in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together, reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we've got more work to do. >>> romney made his concession speech in boston, massac
. here in pakistan, relations with washington are expected to remain tense. the two sides differ over how to handle elements of al qaeda and other militants hiding in remote areas of pakistan near the afghan border. the obama administration has said islamabad is not doing enough to confront terrorists operating on pakistani soil. the u.s. has stepped up aerial attacks using unmanned drones. the attacks have aggravated anti-american sentiment on the streets of pakistan. cooperation is indispensable to the u.s. fight against terrorism. but the two countries' relationship remains fragile. if president obama wants this crucial campaign to succeed, he must first win over pakistan. hideki yui, nhk world, islamabad. >>> the american maker of an anti-islamic film has been sentenced to one year in prison for violating the terms of his probation on a separate charge. the film sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. a u.s. court on wednesday handed down a ruling on the 55-year-old california resident. the man was on probation after being convicted of bank fraud but was again detained in septemb
. >> that was susumu kojima reporting from washington. >>> asian and european leaders are discussing ways to strengthen economic and political ties during a two-day meeting in laos. among their main concerns is the global economic slowdown triggered by the european credit crisis. the asia/europe meeting brings together leaders and cabinet ministers from 49 countries. >> translator: this year's asia europe meeting is being held amid the global financial crisis. the gathering is drawing hopes that it will help solve the variety of problems faced by asia and europe. >> eu president herman van rompuy called for an expansion of trade to deepen economic ties with asia. >> our interdependence is greater than ever. european union is firmly committed to its responsibilities as a strong world actor and a strong partner for asia. >> the leaders will also discuss ways to boost investment and strengthen financial cooperation between the two regions. >>> japanese prime minister yoshihiko noda met van rompuy and another eu leader on the sidelines of the asem gathering. they agreed to start free trade negotiations as
a look at the pacific northwest. actually expecting some snowfall in washington off towards british columbia due to this potent and intense storm system that's rushing onshore. you see all these lines very close together here. that's indicating some 90 to 100-kilometer-per-hour wind gusts coming ashore, not just the heavy rainfall, about 50 to 100 milliliters in the next 24 hours. these areas in red, that's where you could be seeing some flashflooding risk. and messy weather farther inland, heavy snowfall. it's a big travel week in the united states, thanksgiving week, thanksgiving coming up on thursday, so anybody traveling in and out of this area, not just drive, airports, very well could be delayed or canceled due to the storm system. it is going to be just lingering there. good news is farther to the east, much of the central u.s., you are seeing some drier and fairer weather. we are watching this potent storm system spin just off the east coast. this is not expected to make a landfall, but still coastal flooding is high at risk. those winds fwloeing that water onshore. rip curr
minister to washington. nagashima will quickly push to restart negotiations to review the guidelines. >>> china's foreign ministry has expressed concern about moves to review the guidelines. >> translator: the japan/u.s. alliance was forged under a specific historical situation. the alliance should not exceed the bilateral framework and should not harm the interest of any third country. >> hong said china hopes. >>> china and the u.s. will respect the security concerns of neighboring countries. >>> it doesn't feel like winter in tokyo with the warm weather, but elsewhere it's a different story. there's snow in our neighbor, china. rachel ferguson has more with weather. raich snell. >>> hi, there. we're following a snowstorm moving across the north. it's going to be moving across the beijing area and heading into northeastern china and also north korea. blizzarding conditions could be expected. it's wet snow, as well, and we're getting an icy blast from the north so, that will spell ice on the roads, too. so definitely travel could be very dangerous. we're looking to the south to see
. if we look at the east coast, a pair of 11s in new york and washington, d.c. and then into europe, also continuing to watch a storm system push onshore across portugal and spain. as this does move overhead, it is already creating some high wind and heavy waves and even heavy rain warnings in portugal, eventually into spain. then we'll watch this ininto the early part of the workweek on monday and tuesday. there could be some severe weather out there towards the central mediterranean and even towards italy. you're already seeing some rough weather due to this low-pressure area pufshing out across this yair. we see storm warnings in effect as this continues to move overhead and bringing with it heavy rain. north of it, though, look at these clear skies. one thing you are watching is some fog, especially through the early morning hours, there in poland. that's going to dramatically reduce the visibility so slow down on the roads. as far as temperatures, single digits into the east, but getting into the double digits in london and paris with a pair of 12s. now here's a look at your extended
here towards the east off into the dakotas. some improving conditions in around washington and towards oregon. then into the dakotas, stuff going downhill here. heavy rain, about five centimeters of snowfall accumulating. gusty winds, sometimes up to 90 kilometer per hour winds. ahead of that front, thick fog is being seen in the midwest. flights in and out of chicago, do check them out ahead of time because you're seeing some airport delays due to the fog. that's going to start to clear up, though, as that storm starts to push in from the east, improving the conditions here. but then going into thursday, around chicago, even much of the ohio river valley, expecting some rain showers. not going to be a big weather event, but if you have any plans in and around this area for thanksgiving, do check on them, because there is going to be some wet conditions outside. even some snow off towards southern canada. windy conditions in the central plains. take a look at this, sunny skies across much of the united states here, so good news for you here on your thursday, as conditions do remain rat
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8